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Kawaii Crepe : Winnipeg Manitoba

A funky little cafe conveniently located in the heart of the trendy area of Winnipeg...Osborne Village, this crepe cafe has some of the best crepes around. Having lived in Quebec where they pride themselves in crepes, that’s a large compliment. Bustling with a diverse crowd of patrons, Kawaii, pronounced Ka-why , in Japanese meaning “cute”, not only delivers a variety of crepes, but provides an open concept where the crepes containing your fillings are made while waiting. I must say that watching your crepes being made is definitely enlightening and entertaining. The cooks begin by delicately spreading the batter onto a round cooking griddle, swirling it into a nice thin round shape, then proceed to flip it in half, and then fold your choice of toppings into the crepe. It definitely lends to the anticipation of your first bite!

The atmosphere is very casual, with funky plastic chairs and tables; however, I highly suggest you grab a seat when you walk in, as seating is limited and it's often very crowded. Many patrons opt for takeout and if you live close by is definitely convenient.

Kawaii has something for everyone’s taste buds, from Savory; herbs, spices and meat fillings that are available at anytime of the day, to Sweet; fruits and sugary goodness. If you’re feeling creative, add extra toppings to any of the existing combinations to create your own unique combination.

As I make crepes at home that are often filled with Nutella (which incidentally lines the cooking area), bananas, strawberries, whipped cream, or eggs bacon strips and cheese, I went for Savory. I was looking for something different that would excite me, rather than something I can make very well at home. The Czar: filled with grilled chicken, lettuce, parmesan and ceasar dressing was great. On first bite, the crepe was crispy on the edges, yet soft in the middle. Having made crepes, I now understand why they spread them so thin and flip them in half; not only to create the right serving size that fits into the cute hand held wraps they provide, but also to ensure the crepes don’t get over cooked and crispy all over. A practice I will adopt for when I make mine from here on in. SJ who opted to create his own crepe combination, chose the Divine Brown (butter and brown sugar) adding Strawberries, Peaches and Pineapple. Unfortunately his crepe was first made with the standard butter and brown sugar only, then placed back on the grill and modified to include Strawberries, Peaches, and Pears...no Pineapple. The cook also apologized for overcooking the crepe, however SJ liked it better. In fact SJ later returned for a breakfast crepe filled with cheese, bacon and eggs. Not quite as good as the sweet (didn't like the savory with the sweetness in the crepe), but still quite good.

If you’re in the mood for a nice breakfast in casual setting, Kawaii crepe not only meets your expectations, but takes it once step further by providing a French Press (on request) to your table for your coffee needs...something I have not seen in the past. If you don’t mind waiting in line to order and to get your food, this is a must try.

Beware: SJ and his Brother went back for seconds as the taste enamoured them to come back for more, however at $5/serving, you can’t afford not to try more than one if your stomach can handle it.

Location Visited: 201-99 Osborne Street , Winnipeg Manitoba


Ambiance: Casual
Presentation: Good
Price: $5/serving
Service: Below Average
Value: Above Average

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  1. If you guys like crepes. You really should try Caramel Crepe in The Forks Market in Winnipeg. Their crepes are awesome and have some food combinations from other continents.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, we will check it out on our next visit to Winnipeg and let you know our thoughts!

  3. I agree with your summation, I learned of this eatery from my daughter who now resides in Winnipeg. We went as a family and had a variety of different crepes and found them outstanding.

  4. just a little note, but it's not pronounced 'ka-why' but rather has another i, making it a 'ee' sound at the end. so, the closest pronunciation, would be 'ka-why-ee'. with a foreigners pronunciation as it is, 'kowai' could possibly be heard instead which actually means 'scared'. doesn't sound too appealing then.

    other than that, i agree that it is a great place! my mom found it and ever since my sister and i have been hooked! i wouldn't recommenced seconds though as they are the most filling thing i have ever eaten and seconds was not a good idea :P

  5. Make sure if you have any gluten allergy or celiac disease you do NOT go... their menu says "GF" for gluten friendly... not gluten free. The staff are not in the least receptive to any suggestions to the contrary.

    The crepes are good for someone without allergies... I really enjoyed them. I didn't enjoy watching my partner attempt to address the fact they advertise gluten free foods then be ignored, berated, before watching the manager pretend she wasn't actually the manager.


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