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The reason for starting this site was because we can't tell you the number of times we would look on other sites to find reviews of restaurants by the general public, only to come away scratching our heads. Yes, that likely will make us sound like snobs, but hey...there really is no accounting for some people's taste.

Unlike most "reviewers", we never, ever tell the restaurant who we are, or what we are doing. This ensures that we receive no special treatment, and that the establishments aren't on their "best behavior" just because we're there. So you'll hear about the worst of the worst, the best of the best and everything from fast food to luxurious restuarants in our travels, as that is the range and diversity of our palates. Please join us on what has been one hell of a food ride thus far, as we finally unveil, without prejudice, what we really think of the food and let you decide where to eat your next meal.

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Moxies: Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Friday evening and looking for a few drinks and appies. Upon entry into the lounge our hostess promptly cleaned a booth for us while engaging me in some friendly conversation. Our waitress promptly brought our menus and took our drink order. Although the place was loud, it was still quiet enough to carry on a conversation without having to raise your voice. The music was funky the patrons were mainly dressed casually, except for the few people looking to impress. We started off by ordering the drink special, The G.T. Gin, being my man's current favorite alcohol made the choice easy, and also the combo platter with hot wings and a honey dill dipping sauce for our chicken strips.

Our drinks came very quickly and as we both took our first sip, we realized that this version of Gin and Tonic, was indeed special. A dollop of slush, a double shot of Gin, lime juice and lime leaves, this drink left our mouths watering after each sip. Four drinks later…well, that’s another story.

The combo tray was presented well, with a great use of the flatbread to create a division of items. Upon first bite into the chicken wings, I thought they were reasonably good. However I must admit my guy's wings are the absolute best, which leaves me a tad biased towards other wings. These wings were spicy, but not unbearably so. Unfortunately though, they were also a bit soggy and seemed as though they had been sitting for a while prior to arriving at our table. The flat bread although covered with rosemary, tasted rather bland unless dipped into the accompanying garlic cream cheese flat bread sauce. The chicken strips, accompanied with the honey dill dip, were tender and juicy, and the highlight of the platter. The calamari was good, not rubbery or over cooked and was largely comprised of rings, not the "leggy" parts you see frequently (we tend to be fair-weather calamari lovers…enough with the tentacles already). The avocado rolls tasted ok, but again, would have been much better had they been hot and fresh. As they were the last item that we tasted however, it may have been a factor in the freshness. The plum sauce that accompanied them was good, and nicely accentuated the rolls.

As mentioned before, the combo plate seemed as though it had been sitting a bit, or possibly “pre-made” so everything was lukewarm and a tad on the soggy side. It almost gave off the taste of those frozen appetizer packages that you buy at the supermarket.

Kayla was our waitress and as a whole very attentive and friendly. Quick to bring fresh drinks, and she answered all of our questions about the food knowledgably.

The overall experience would have been excellent had our food arrived hot. Overall, we didn’t go into it with super high expectations though.

Location Visited: Polo Park Mall


Price: $28 (Combo Platter)
Ambiance: Casual/Lounge
Presentation: Great
Service: Great
Value: Good

Overall experience: Slightly disappointing

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  1. I have tried Moxies before, the one in downtown. I don't find this place was amazing as some poeple told me. The food was just so-so and pricey. My steak was cold and dry.


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