Frequently travelling for business across Canada (mostly West) and the U.S. (periodically), we are privileged with eating in various cities, experiencing the life of the city and through the magic of food, different cultures.

The reason for starting this site was because we can't tell you the number of times we would look on other sites to find reviews of restaurants by the general public, only to come away scratching our heads. Yes, that likely will make us sound like snobs, but hey...there really is no accounting for some people's taste.

Unlike most "reviewers", we never, ever tell the restaurant who we are, or what we are doing. This ensures that we receive no special treatment, and that the establishments aren't on their "best behavior" just because we're there. So you'll hear about the worst of the worst, the best of the best and everything from fast food to luxurious restuarants in our travels, as that is the range and diversity of our palates. Please join us on what has been one hell of a food ride thus far, as we finally unveil, without prejudice, what we really think of the food and let you decide where to eat your next meal.

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Gabby’s: Toronto

Monday dinner time and the sun is out, Toronto traffic busy as expected and we are looking for a quick bite on our way to the airport. GPS shows us a place called Gabby’s so we thought we’d give it a shot. Feeling like a few drinks and a light dinner this pub seemed perfect. As we entered the establishment the bartender was quick to motion for us to sit anywhere, and then came to take our drink order. After he explained the specials, we ordered our usual drinks. Our first impression of the place was that of an older neighbourhood pub where blue collar friends congregate after work for beer and wings. The group of guys sitting at the bar loudly expressing their profanity laced opinions, proved our first impressions correct. The menu offered an exhaustive number of items, ranging from the usual pub fare, to fajitas, entrees, and deserts...honest to god there must have been well over 100 items available on the menu. This instantly made us rather sceptical towards any one item actually being good, given the vast plethora of offerings. The bartender continuing along in the same efficient and speedy manner, seemed rather eager to serve us, coming back a few times to take our meal order...It was almost odd.

Having fish and chips on our minds we both ordered the fish and chips platter. Shortly after ordering, our meals arrived. The beer battered fish and chips were accompanied with premium malt vinegar, and surprisingly non premium tartar sauce. This wasn’t even your regular type of tartar sauce, but rather the mini Kraft tartar sauce packages, which seemed rather odd. In my humble opinion, they should just make their own...or at least take it out of the package back in the kitchen. Providing Kraft packages seems rather fast food like and didn’t quite go with the overall ambiance of the establishment. Nonetheless, Kraft tartar sauce aside, the two adequately sized pieces of fish were tender and not oily by any means. The fish was flakey and cooked perfectly...quite the surprise, not at all what we were expecting. I guess you can’t always judge a meal by the number of items offered on the menu. We finished our meal and determined that for a little neighbourhood pub, this place was a nice find. Other than the loud group of guys and the few trashy women who seemed to hang off of their arms, this place is offered us well mixed drinks and a great fish and chips platter. That being said, SJ and I will return should the mood strike us again

Location visited: 383 Eglinton Avenue East


Ambiance: Pub
Presentation: Average
Price: $15/serving
Service: Good
Value: Average

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  1. My experience was similar, having to endure those loud-mouthed ones at the bar. The profanity was uncalled for in this supposed family bistro? It is a bar, I know, but does that mean anything goes for the regulars, which is what this familiarity seemed to imply.
    The food was tasty, but small-portioned for price. Lana K


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