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Joey: Edmonton Alberta

Dinner out with a girlfriend of mine and so we decided to go to my old stomping grounds and hit Joey’s. In the past little while I haven’t been back there mainly because the experiences have been so hit and miss with the service. But figuring the small hiatus may have improved things...or at least my outlook...I try my luck again.

Walking in we took a peak into the bar area and decided we would rather have a table in the restaurant. We provided the young hostess with our names, and proceed to wait for a few minutes until we are seated. This is not a problem as the waiting area is spacious enough and usually offers white and red wine, or samples of something good off of the menu while you wait. Almost immediately the manager came out from the lounge to advise us that there was seating available there, and asked if we would like to sit in the lounge. Somewhat hesitant we mentioned wanting a booth and that we were ok with waiting. Rather persistently he proceeded to “sell us” on sitting in the lounge by bringing us to an available booth. Both of us found the insistence rather odd, but seeing as the menu was the same, and it was indeed a booth, we just agreed and sat down.

Now if you’ve been to Joey’s lounge, you’ll know it’s rather dimly lit, funky, and a happening place to check people out or go for drinks with a group of friends. This time was no different. Surrounded by Cougars and Lions my friend and I proceeded to chat and order our drinks. The waitress, a pretty girl boasting a large fake smile, proceeded to take our drink orders. Within a matter of 30 seconds however, she asked us twice if we had any questions about the menu. Not quite sure if she experienced deja vu but we sure did! Ordering the grilled chicken souvlaki and china town lettuce wraps we enjoyed our drinks. Most lounges have music that almost overwhelms any chance of conversation, so I can say that Joeys, at least on this particular day, had the perfect volume.

My entree, accompanied with French fries (they call them shoes strings, but they are nowhere near as good as the original shoe strings they used to offer!) arrived without the gravy I had ordered, which the waitress promptly brought when she was alerted to it. The grilled chicken souvlaki, wrapped in paper to prevent dripping, was pretty good. I would have appreciated it served without the wrapper, but I can imagine those not skilled with messy food would make a mess, so I guess it’s ok as a standard. One thing really stuck out though...after I ordered the gravy I remembered....I don’t like the gravy here. It’s not gravy, but rather soup. I kid you not, that is the exact texture it has, plus it's watery and salty. Au Jus at best! Needless to say, I stuck with ketchup for the hand full of fries I ate. My friend, having dusted off the lettuce provided with her entree, asked our waitress for a few more pieces when she checked on us for a final time. We both could have sworn she forgot as the lettuce took about 10 mins to come out! Odd seeing as there really is nothing to do but take them off the head and wash them. Anyhow, overall the meal was forgettable...nothing particularly special other than catching up with my friend.

As we left, I was reminded why Joeys is part of my OLD stomping grounds, and will remember that there are so many better places to spend my money than. It’s not extremely bad, but far from outstanding...just average all around.

Location visited: 9911 19th Avenue NW (South Edmonton Commons)


Ambiance: Casual
Cuisine: Steakhouse and Fushion
Presentation: Average
Price: $16/serving
Service: Average
Value: Average

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  1. Don't even get me started on Joey's I know that the service isn't that good, but when you are pregnant and are hungry, you go with what you crave, I went in for lunch only to be told they didn't have high chairs, well I had my toddler son with me for lunch so we went on our way only to be left with a craving and a hungry 21 month old!

  2. I wish this blog was up a year ago. I had made reservations at Joey's on my wedding day. As it was a small wedding we decided to take the wedding party out for dinner. We arrived on time. I was completely disgusted that they had actually approached me (the bride) and informed me that we needed to "wrap it up" because the next table had arrived as the restaurant had booked our room to another party leaving us 45 mins to eat. Talk about a total let down. We spent around $800 on dinner only to be told to get out because our time was up.


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